LARC welcomes new members who have earned their amateur radio license. Benefits of membership include opportunities for education and training, providing public service during emergencies.

LARC members, upon meeting training requirements, may participate in ARES/AUXCOMM that supports communications during emergencies and disasters, and REACT/CERT that supports community response and recovery efforts.  Training opportunities for these entities will be announced at Club meetings and on our mailing list.

LARC is an affiliated club of ARRL, the national association for amateur radio, and members may wish to join this organization. Please see a LARC Officer for additional information.

Membership may not be denied because of race, creed, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation, marital status or any other reason that would be biased or prejudicial.



Mailing Address

Lenoir Amateur Radio Club
PO Box 3276
Lenoir NC 28645


Membership Classes

Full Member — $15.00 per year
This class of member grants all privileges as well as the right to hold a club office and to vote on club matters to a person who holds a valid Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Amateur Radio License.
Family Member — $25.00 per year
This class of member grants all privileges as a Full Member to each family member holding a valid Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Amateur Radio License.
Life Member — $150.00 one time ($250.00 for families)
A full member, or each individual member of the Family Member class, may elect to become a Life Member by remitting dues for a Life Member as set forth in the By-Laws. A Life Member will be exempt from payment of dues in perpetuity and shall have all the privileges of a Full Member.


Which membership class is right for me?

Interested in amateur radio but do not have an FCC license: Full Membership is only available to licensed amateur radio operators, but don't fret.  All of our meetings and events are open to the public, and we are here to help YOU get your license!  Once you have earned your amateur radio license, you can consider one of these membership options.

Individual: If you are single, or if you are the only licensed amateur radio operator in a household, then Full Membership is your best option.  Family members and other visitors are welcome at all Lenoir Amateur Radio Club events, and if any of them want to get licensed, we are here to help!

Family: If more than one person in your household, such as your spouse or children, holds an active and current amateur radio license, then the Family Membership is for you and yours.  For $25/year, all licensed amateurs within a household are granted the full privileges of individual memberships.

Life: If you intend to live in the area and retain membership in Lenoir Amateur Radio Club for 10 years or more, your best bet is a Life Membership.  If you and your spouse are licensed and intend to remain active in the club, there is a Family Life Membership available as well.


Earn a FREE Year of Full Membership!

In order to encourage education and participation in the club, the following opportunities are available to those who are new hams or new to the club.

New or Upgraded License: If you earn your first amateur radio license, or upgrade to a new class of license, submit an application to the Secretary within 45 days of passing the exam for a free one-year Full Membership!  If you are already a member and upgrade your license, notify an officer within 45 days to earn a free one-year extension to your existing membership.

Attend 3 consecutive meetings as a visitor: If you are a licensed amateur radio operator and attend three consecutive monthly meetings as a visitor, pending approval of the Executive Committee you can earn a free one-year Full Membership!